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rick_gomez's Journal

The Rick Gomez fan community <3
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Rick Gomez
Hallo, and welcome to the Rick Gomez community!
Here, you can bring out your awesomeness, by sharing all the good juice you have fun
Rick. We're all a bunch of fans here! So we should all get along, fairly well! :D
Hopefully you have a good time here, share with us what you have,
icons, caps, stories, dreams? xD You get what I mean!

Rick Gomez, played in Band of Brothers, Sin City,
and many other movies, he also role casted in a few animated series as well.

Well, welcome...and have a good time.

Monitors- tooken_away

Yesh yesh, we have rules :D So what?
o1. Have fun! That's the most important rule of all!
o2. Post as much as you want, when you want! (Just as long as if isn't
infinite nonsense spam, or nothing to do with whatever is going on in the community.)
o3. Be sure to be active! Yeah...don't just add us,
and then never see how great we are >D Comment every once in a while. Yeah?
o4. If you use anything, be sure to comment, or link back here!
o5. If your posting long things, like fanfics
and/or icons make sure you use it under a cut! ^-^
o6. Keep up with Rick Gomez's birthday x3
o6.o1.1972 (<-- :D Stole the idea from shuyinda )

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